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Friday, July 29, 2005

Brandon Squeezes through, having "Tempted" fate.

Ow. Sorry about the headline, but we need to follow up for the record. Even though Brandon, the guy trying out to be the new Michael Hutchence on the TV show Rock Star: INXS, blogged about bombing on "Tempted," the viewers let him pass once more. That, or there were at least three others worse than him. His thoughts:
S#*t F%$k Damn… I sucked! "Tempted" is a beautiful, wonderful song. I couldn’t do it any justice.  I'm very disappointed how my performance turned out,  I know I can sing that song, for whatever reason I panicked just before I went on stage.  As I was standing there just before Brooke announced me I had to ask Suzie to remind me of the lyrics. [snip]
A month ago, USA Today had a mildly funny spoof of reality shows featuring 80s rock pop bands. One of the funnier suggestions:
Average Joe Jackson: He may have ruled discotheques in 1982 with Steppin' Out, but underneath it all, Joe Jackson really is an ordinary guy. Viewers following lanky, 49-year-old Joe's quest for a buxom soul mate each week will surely ask each other, "Is she really going out with him?"
Another suggestion from USAT: The Amazing Erasure.