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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Biker (and entourage) invades Jools concert!

To, British motorcycle racer James Toseland dishes about jamming with Jools at a recent concert (the same one where that guy got arrested). James told this to the reporter:
"It's the most exciting thing I've done since Magny Course year!” said Toseland “ Jools Holland as a pianist is a hero of mine. All my family came down, especially my Gran who taught me to play, and to see me play with the likes of Jools Holland she was very emotional about it. It was a great day.”
Toseland, who according to the article plays in a band called Crash, told the reporter that he felt nervous about taking on the keyboards as Jools picked up the guitar.

Pete H. of the Jools list went to the Newmarket show and reported thusly after I asked him about the guy who got arrested in the "exclusive champagne bar":
I didn't notice any problems - but the Newmarket night is probably the largest attendance Jools plays to during the year - I would only be guessing, but it would not surprise me if there were over 5,000 people there. Nor did I get to the "exclusive champagne bar", but enjoyed a picnic in the car park (cold Becks from the cool box) is so much sweeter and cheaper!

The only odd thing was that when we were going into the racetrack, a camera crew was following us, filming this young lad and his mates. None of us knew who he was, until the "guest pianist" joined Jools on stage - it was James Toseland. He's a bit good on a bike, and he's pretty good on the ivories as well.