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Friday, August 05, 2005

One Degree of Squeeze

Michael Penn's new album Mr. Hollywood Jr., 1947 came out this week. As is usual for Mr. Penn, the album is lush and hauntingly beautiful. I've loved Michael Penn's music since he came out with "March" in 1989, but in the 16 years since that album came out, he's developed a sensibility that is both edgy and epic --- a combination that is not easy to achieve, but for which I strive daily.

So. Connections to Squeeze?

  • Michael Penn sings backup on The Day I get Home off of Play.
  • Glenn and Keith sing backup on Penn's Strange Season off of Free-For-All.
  • Tony Berg produced Penn's debut solo album March and Play.
  • Penn is married to Aimee "Daphne" Mann.