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Friday, August 05, 2005

Squeeze over the Digital Waves

According to XM Monitor, Squeeze has been getting a lot of recent airplay on several XM stations, including Fred , the classic alternative station which played something intriguingly named "BBC Live Concert" as recently as Aug. 1, Lucy, which has played "Satisfied" despite being billed as "Classic Alternative Hits", and The Loft, a singer-songwriting station which recently played "Up the Junction." It's nice to see "Third Rail" get some airplay on XM Cafe (channel 45). The strangely named channel Squizz takes a pass on Squeeze, though.

And also for your listening pleasure, XM Monitor reports that Glenn Tilbrook has been getting recent airplay on the The Loft ("Hostage" and "Neptune") and XM Cafe ("Hot Shaved Asian Teens"). The Loft and the 80s plays Paul Carrack. No songs from Chris or Jools, though.