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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Coming Soon to a DVD player near you: One for the Road!

I've exchanged a couple of e-mails with Amy Pickard, director of One for the Road, which documents Glenn's solo tour in an RV. The movie is coming out early next year on DVD, but Amy said she plans to keep entering it into a limited number of festivals: "Because there is nothing quite like seeing the movie in person. Super fun when the crowd is into it and they usually are!"

Amy said she's been busy making goodies for the disc, even for you lucky dogs who have seen this thing:

Special features on the DVD include:
The interview that I did with Glenn and Chris (as Squeeze) in 1991 for my local cable access show in Dayton, Ohio! (how we met) I ask them about their album PLAY, their career and then we go through each music video that they have done and they tell me their thoughts about each one! (Sadly, I couldn't actually INCLUDE the music videos because I can't afford the additional music publishing for them.)

A never before seen interview with Chris Difford from 2002. He talks about writing with Glenn, what he was going through when he backed out of the Squeeze tours, his solo album and his relationship with Glenn.

Glenn's audio commentary and more!
Thanks, Amy! I saw her and the crew at the San Francisco show at an pub/restaurant during that tour. (Didn't say hi, though. I was shy.) I can't wait to finally see the finished product.